Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Recipe Box

    Hello again. In last post I said, that I have made many unpublished projects because of rushed and I can't manage to make a pictures. Here is another one project which is ready months.   Actually, I made two of them. The other was - and still is -  for my amazing sister, but I have some issues......I can make the project, I can make the package, but I can't do those few steps to the  post office to sent her it. Is there anybody else who have the same problem?  Sorry Evelyn, you must urgently come here, and of course with Rick and take everything I made for you  :-)
 ( she live few  thousands kilometers far from me  - miss you)

In this recipe box I will save all my best recipes like treasures 
xo xo xo ...

...see, I told you I made two boxes :-) ...

I used beautiful  paper from Lettering Delights 
 " Country Kitchen"

...on internet I found many recipe cards which I used in this box.

I hope you survived from my english :-))).
...thank you for stopping by and have a good day ... anta

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gift for teachers day

..hello and good day to all. Another project that I did few months ago and was waiting patiently to publishing. It was gift for teachers day. I made those photos early in the morning or late evening - you can choose - completely tired - sorry for final results.

...of course I put inside some goodies...

...and I made also card with wishes and "thank you"  inside...

Thank you for stopping by and have a good and crafty day...anta :-)

Country style pillow

...hello and good day to all. I write I think about two post before, that I will published also something different as usual. This time it is a pillow which I made for my son. Sewing Is my other love  (...and also  gardening, knitting,  and everything about home and more and more... :-))) ).
  In my mind I had something in navy style , but in the end it turn to country style.

...and I like it...

I love this buttonholes...

...thank you  for stopping by and have a nice day...anta :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Box for something sweet...

Box for something sweet...

   HELLO THERE . Today I want share with you something i made as "last minute project" Of course i needed more than minute. I make cinnamon rolls for friend of mine and I needed urgently carton box for. Fortunately, thanks to Mary from my favourite svgs I can to  choose from variety of boxes.

I made much more projects than I published, and reason is that I did not manage to take pictures of them. 

...here is my cinnamon rolls...

...and here is very beautiful flower, really is gorgeous and it's from Fleurette Bloom, but because I was very rushed I didn't manage to make it beautiful.

...little blings...

...thank you for stopping by and have a nice day...anta

Saturday, June 6, 2015

1st place winner in giveway

...1st place winner

 in giveaway at handsmadecrations...
...at this point I must to apologize - and specialy to Monica from handsmadecreation, that took me a 3 month to published this post. 
 So yes, I'm the lucky girl which win this  amazing handmade sachet. 

My price arrived in this beautiful and original envelope!

...and inside was...

...the most incredible sachet. 

At the bottom and at the top has a drawstring. This Sachet is fantastic on bag and bags. You are filling from the top and from the bottom pulled out one by one. This is exactly what I needed and I never thought of it can be done as follows.

...the image is transferred  on the fabric and details are amazing.

  Take a closer look...

My price was gorgeous. Once again I want to thank very much Monica and Emma's little hand for first prize in lottery. Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon with something little diffrerent...anta