Friday, October 9, 2015

Tea at five

Here is project from one of my favourite file.
    I made plenty, but like always never published because of no time. But here I am with my latest project from svg-s and it's just for me :-) 

...Mackenzie pattern, one of my favourites ...

...thank you for stopping by and have a nice wekend...anta :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Herbal sachets

...hello. today I have a little different project to share. Like i wrote before, sewing it's my passion too. I made those herbal sachets like a gift for my sister, but now I know I need them for myself also. 

...daphne leaves are from our tree...

This mushrooms "Porcini" is collect and dried by my mom. :-)

... rosemary also from our garden...

...linden from neighbours... :-)

...amazing thyme with beautiful  scent from our garden too...

...and verbena. The sachet is for citronella, but the leaves and plant at right are verbena and it's smell heavenly. The smell is...I can't describe. Something like lemon, freshness and more...  So I will need more sachets.  I will be busy :-)

... oregano and back side of sachet. I made a loop for hanging. I didn't collect oregano so I must to buy it from some  herbalist in the village. This oregano will be straight from the mountains and  have a very strong fragrance and flavor. Amazing...

...thank you for visiting my blog and for your time. Have a nice rest of the week...anta  :-)