Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas window frame


...winter is already here, Christmas is around the corner and our home decoration is almost done.

When I found these frames at the Bird Svg's, I didn't know what to do first. So many  posibilities. 
Today I have made this Christmas window frame, which is very simple and  certainly not my last. I have discovered that he nicely fills a vacant place on the wall, so I will do them more in the same spirit, but with little changes.  

You can find this pattern  at Bird's Svg's  in collection 

   ...I made the large one...

Make this window frame is really very simple. All I did was that I made one frame without backround and front  piece and then I made and resized one side once to be more narrow and twice to be same narrow like previous but shorter too. Those three sides I used for inside in window.  The tall in the midlle - horizontal and two smaller pieces vertical left and right, to creat "cross"  inside in window.  I used hot glue.  Then I made front pice - just make cros inside in window wit rectangle shape from scut basic library and united them and that is., I hope you like my version of this frame. Thank you for your time and wish you creative  weekend...anta :-)