Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thank you Dawn Grantham.

hello, I have little different post. I want to thank one amazing person. Dawn Grantham from Thyme Graphics ( England )...
 I use for the most of my project Silver Bullet but  I also use Sizzix eclips 2.  
After 5 years with my amazing Silver Bullet without any issues and cutting happily almost every day we had an accident. Big storm in our region and problems with electricity  destroyed something in Silver Bullet ...and I had UPS for protection!
 My also amazing technician here tell me that machine must to go to service. 
I wasn't happy about this. I was affraid to send my machine so away.
I bought my Silver Bullet from "Thyme Graphics" from England and I live in Greece.
So I sended  e-mail with issues and  get to know ( by e-mail ) this 

amazing person - Dawn Grantham.

It was as if he grabbed my arm and led me  and telling me that there is no reason for worring.
He received my machine and in record time repair it and send it to me. 
Now  my Silver Bullet work like new - like always.
So, that was my experience with Dawn Grantham from Thyme Graphics - from England. Thank you very much Dawn for your patience with me. You are amazing  and caring person. 

I  write this because it is not so obvious that  you will know such caring people.
I say this from my personal experience with my Embroidery Machine when after 2 years still company don't know who is resposible for his service. But this is another story ...

Thank you again Dawn Grantham :-)