Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthday cake box

Birthday Cake Box  

 Hello, it's over month when I send my latest post. Holidays is started for my precious two little monsters and with them our swimming in the sea with their friends,playing all day and you know... the whole holiday - summer package.
   The events precedes one to another and my creations waiting to be published and I'm hunting for just a little free time. 
  So, ok., my bigger son Harry had birthday (6) and I made for him to the school cake box with treats. I made over 55 cake boxes. Of course I used design fromthe "B for Birthday " and for topiary I made the Ferris Wheel from "Summer Street Carnival" kit. All the boxes  are decorated with sea world from  "Wet and Wild".

I used  the " Pedestal" from the "Poplar Street Tulips
 (...but I made it two years befor for another birthday is not count :-)

...and of course everything is enlarged from original me LOL!!!

...the whole cake with pedestal and ferris wheel was over 1 meter high, and with 55 cake boxes I had 2 cakes, this big one and one smaller. 

...and of course everywhere my favourite bling - blings.

...children in kindergarten were ...I can't describe you what they did when they have seen  this two cakes. It was sweet craziness and the biggest pleasure for me and my son to see all this happiness.

 Thank you and I hope you enjoy it...anta