Friday, February 2, 2018

Surprise for you

 Valentine is coming and I have decided that it's time to start. I love pedestals and have the perfect one for my first project.

Kit I used is from Bird's Svgs Celebrate with a Cupcakes

I will definitively make it like as original too.  I love this soft colors.

...I hope you like it. Thank you for your visit and have a nice rest of weekend...:-) anta

Sunday, December 10, 2017


...hello, today I came with Nutcracker, the one of the most beautiful stories at Christmas holidays. As you can see I tried make it the same like Mary did. At my opinionI she did it perfectly and I do not want to change anything at all.

The only thing I changed is size. My Nutcracker is about 19 inch tall.  It's really nice.

...thank you for stopping by and wish you a nice rest of weekend...anta :-)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mistltoe frame

...hello, today I'm here with another version of frame in combination with Mistletoe and swirly frame. 

I combine three collections from Birds SVGs.
and free file from freebies 

Swirly Frames 7 & 8

...first I made a little hole, added the mistltoe and then I glue the particular part of frame.  I resize swirly frame to fit on  3D frame.   Specifically I used the swirly frame 7.

As I said this frame have many posibilities and you can make it in so many version. It's very simple to put together.
For sure I'm not finished with it yet... :-)

I hope you like it. Thank you for stopping by and wish you relaxing and creative weekend...anta :-)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Santa's Christmas Workshop Advent Calendar

hello, I am once again with my third 

"Santa's Christmas Workshop" Advent Calendar.

I made four Advent Calendars, so I will post one more - the last  until end of the week.

I use the amazing file which I adore as you can see with my  four Advent calendars

The lock I used is my pattern (not the key).

...I must to add numbers... :-)

I hope you like it, as you can see I love this file and if you like it too,  hurry you barely have time, but you can make it.

...thank you very much for stopping by.  Wish you nice rest of week ...anta :-)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thank you Dawn Grantham.

hello, I have little different post. I want to thank one amazing person. Dawn Grantham from Thyme Graphics ( England )...
 I use for the most of my project Silver Bullet but  I also use Sizzix eclips 2.  
After 5 years with my amazing Silver Bullet without any issues and cutting happily almost every day we had an accident. Big storm in our region and problems with electricity  destroyed something in Silver Bullet ...and I had UPS for protection!
 My also amazing technician here tell me that machine must to go to service. 
I wasn't happy about this. I was affraid to send my machine so away.
I bought my Silver Bullet from "Thyme Graphics" from England and I live in Greece.
So I sended  e-mail with issues and  get to know ( by e-mail ) this 

amazing person - Dawn Grantham.

It was as if he grabbed my arm and led me  and telling me that there is no reason for worring.
He received my machine and in record time repair it and send it to me. 
Now  my Silver Bullet work like new - like always.
So, that was my experience with Dawn Grantham from Thyme Graphics - from England. Thank you very much Dawn for your patience with me. You are amazing  and caring person. 

I  write this because it is not so obvious that  you will know such caring people.
I say this from my personal experience with my Embroidery Machine when after 2 years still company don't know who is resposible for his service. But this is another story ...

Thank you again Dawn Grantham :-)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

SCROOGE & MARLEY Advent Calendar

hello,, here is my second Advent Calendar which I did not do it in style Gingerbread house altough I used the amazing Gingerbread house from Birds SVGs - "Countdown to Christmas" collection.  I hope isn't will be like Scrooge. LOL ...but in the end everything went finaly well.

So if you want there are still a few days remaining to made this amazing Advent Calendar for your dearest.

I used 
"Countdown to Christmas" collection by Bird SVGs

...and I need to add numbers, like you can notice...

...Thank you for your visit and wish you relaxing and creative rest of weekend...anta :-)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas window frame


...winter is already here, Christmas is around the corner and our home decoration is almost done.

When I found these frames at the Bird Svg's, I didn't know what to do first. So many  posibilities. 
Today I have made this Christmas window frame, which is very simple and  certainly not my last. I have discovered that he nicely fills a vacant place on the wall, so I will do them more in the same spirit, but with little changes.  

You can find this pattern  at Bird's Svg's  in collection 

   ...I made the large one...

Make this window frame is really very simple. All I did was that I made one frame without backround and front  piece and then I made and resized one side once to be more narrow and twice to be same narrow like previous but shorter too. Those three sides I used for inside in window.  The tall in the midlle - horizontal and two smaller pieces vertical left and right, to creat "cross"  inside in window.  I used hot glue.  Then I made front pice - just make cros inside in window wit rectangle shape from scut basic library and united them and that is., I hope you like my version of this frame. Thank you for your time and wish you creative  weekend...anta :-)