Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt...

 Hello my precious followers and visitors. I want to thank you that have given to me a bit of your time and send me all those  amazing comments which I read again and again. I have not forgotten respond them, but something get wrong  and my response to you comming back to me. Sorry about that. 

   I hope you had a Nice and Happy Easter. I was very delayed send this post, but better later than never. I was waiting so much for Easter Hunt, but weather here had a slightly different opinion. But when you're with your family and with people whom you liked, everything is fine.
  Please enjoy...

So here is my bunnies from "Bunny Hop" kit 

They are so cute.

Carrots is from "Hippity Hoppity" and want to say here how easily and quickly are they put together. 

          Ooh, those eggs are from my first kit. Of course it is a box so you can put goodies inside and give like a gift. It's One of My favourite kit..

Eggs is from "Poplar Street Tulips" kit.

                            I can not remember how many of these I've done. I no longer count on ...

...view from the back...

...and here are my mushrooms - present - from "Cotton Tail Village"  kit, which also can be used as a box for goodies but in the kit, this mushroom comes already with box... I hope you liked and wish you a nice weekend...anta