Monday, May 12, 2014



   oh ...  it was such a days..., but I have something to announce " My little boot house" won 1st place in the Spring Challenge. Yeeey!!!! I'm absolutely thrilled. I must say, as I promised, I was stuck on to the screen ... at least initially, but because we had trouble with our darling supervisor Gucci ( green-eyed kitty), I was stuck on the screen for one more reason ... but in the end everything went well.

so ... I finally embarked  to  my favourite subjects Seaside and decided to decorate a child's room in Nautical style. The first time happened to me that I did everything what is included in one kit at a time. I didn't miss anything. Even ligthouse I done three times, and I'm going to do fourth. If this is not the seaside mania, so what is it.  I combined with the boat that  fit perfectly.

The beautiful paper that I use here mostly is from 
Tim Coffey- Travel

...I must to say, that I love so much Mackenzie pattern...(and many others LOL...) 

I'm still not finished with him...!

 ...Embellishment which I used is also from Tim Coffey "Die-Cut Cardstock.

...for the "bridge" or "sea sidewalk" I used the crate panels from 
"Caramel Apple Pie"

...and of course can not miss classic Ligthouse as it did Mary, and which is the perfect exactly as it is.

I hope you liked and have a nice week...anta :-)