Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vintage soda bottles

Vintage soda bottles

Hello again. I have to catch up for lost time. I'm not finished with the birthday boxes for friends. This time for some friends, our summer neighbour who came very unexpectedly and I had to do for them something on weekend. And as these are 4 siblings I made for them this Vintage soda bottles with bottle holder which fit for them just perfectly.  

...there were possibilities for decoration but no time at all.

...the bottle holder is really strong and fixed.

...It was raining so much when I shoot the pictures...

I also used the flamingos from " Flamingo card"  from "Summer Holiday" kit...guess...from svgcuts LOL...

...I could not resist to post foto with my darling. He really cares about the bottles.

...on exploration...

...far I have not finished with birthdays. In August will have a birthday my little Mario (4), so birthday work will waiting once again.

..thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy it...anta