Wednesday, March 26, 2014

       So… finally my blog is here. I’m so excited. In those few years (3) , which I deal with crafting, I found so many creative people out there and seeing how generously  share  their creations.  I’m inspiring all the time from this big craft community and now I have the same need to share.
    Then I thought how about create a blog, and here I want to say a big THANKS to my very good friend from (they are twins…just saying), who create this blog for me (because I’m so very good on web and blog things…LOL) and were sooo very patient with me. Thank you guys a lot and wish you the best!
   If you keep reading you can see that my English is faaar away  NOT the best!!! Really shame of me, but I hope this language barrier will not to be a problem to sharing my creations with you. However, please read only if you think that my writing will not hurt you.
So please enjoy my blog and I will do my best to update my blog frequently with new creations.
Thank you …anta