Sunday, November 2, 2014

Witches Cabinet - Halloween Challenge 2014 - part 1

Witches Cabinet- Halloween Challenge 2014

Hello. Halloween - is here! Here, where I live, we do not celebrate Halloween.  It's ironic that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I see all of these amazing creations and all kinds of decorations such as fake spider web ... and everything around Halloween. It is just amazing !!!So, because I can't find anything that perfect as in USA, I thought will make my own...I have Mary ha ha ha.
And I knew in moment that I want a " WITCHES CABINET", with all this apothecary bottles, cauldrons where is bubbling potions, all this spell books and ingredients, weight and that ancient clock with sand. And of course cages with bat-vampire, crow and poison spider and so much more. To make all this items I use 23 kits from svg cuts and 5 free designs.Wooow, it was really challenge!!! After that I need a few day of sleep and 1 week - maybe more for cleaning my house LOL. I enjoy it so much and thinking that I can use this WITCH CABINET also like advent calendar. Since there is many items, I will make 2 posts each item closer., here is my "WITCHES CABINET"..

...weight..., near to fire is dragon warm..

..something like workshop...

...every serious witch need a lot of cauldrouns...

...some lantern's... of my favourite itemsis this broomstick, I love it... this too...

Like I sey before, to make this project I used 23 kits and 5 free designs.

Thank for you stopping by and I hope you like my entry to the