Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Luxury bags & Football ball

Luxury bags & Football ball

  Hello...for my son's birthday  I wanted so desperately to do this luxury bags and football ball for his classmates. I enjoyed every moment and especially  decorating them.

...paper I used it's from graphics 45 and I don't know who is prettier...

...of course I can't forget blings - blings...

...when girls saw bags they screamed  " baaags"!...I hope that they liked.

I made 19 luxury bags and 11 football ball. Not only for classmates but for some friends also.

I like very much this football ball. I put them together pretty quickly. It was the best for boys. always I hope you like it. Was pleasure for me and for my son when he gave them these gifts.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon...anta